Battle of the Bagpipes | Thomas Buchan

Battle of the Bagpipes


Directed by Thomas Buchan & Hans Goyskor.

The Battle of the Bagpipes: A Journey to the World Pipe Band Championship is a one hour documentary profiling the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band and the Robert Malcolm Memorial junior Pipe Band on their 2009 trip to Scotland to compete in the World Pipe Band Championship. On this lively journey we witness the passionate story of two brothers, Jack and Terry Lee who helm not only the largest piping family in the world but also the most successful pipe band from recent years.

Ancient military use of the bagpipe has evolved into a very spirited and globally competitive musical pursuit. As we follow both the Senior and Junior pipe bands we learn how the two generations face the very unique challenges of pipe band competition, struggle with the bonds of family, and overcome great odds to discover the true meaning of competitive excellence.